Corfu is an island full of history and enticing beauty
Corfu is an island full of history and enticing beauty
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Corfu is an island full of history, stunning beaches and enticing beauty. But what make it even more desirable are the gorgeous day trip destinations just a few hours away. Whether you are looking into wildlife sightseeing, country-hopping or island…

Corfu is an island full of history, stunning beaches and enticing beauty. But what make it even more desirable are the gorgeous day trip destinations just a few hours away. Whether you are looking into wildlife sightseeing, country-hopping or island cruising, you will find something inspiring within the surrounding areas of this Greek paradise in the Ionian Sea.

If you love the outdoors but you don’t have much time on your hand, you don’t have to leave the island to find the perfect day trip destination. Hikers should head out to Mount Pantokrator for an exhilarating hike. It is the highest peak on the island and you can choose to go all the way to the summit or just take easy walks to the nearest viewpoints. This area has plenty of exciting trails and spectacular views to offer. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then you will find a haven at Korissia Lagoon. It is located at the southern tip of the island and features a dramatic shoreline stretching to a length of 3 miles. Its ideal location makes it a sanctuary for various flora and fauna.

Aqualand Corfu

If you have kids in tow you should not miss the Aqualand in Corfu. Its rides are enthralling and its location stunning. The children can go scampering around one water fun ride after another while the adults bask in luxury at a giant Jacuzzi. With slides, rivers and rafting galore, Corfu’s Aqualand is a 75,000 square-metre playground of fun. If you stay in hotel next to the Aqualand you and your family will have free acces to waterpark.

Cruising the azure Ionian waters is another must-do activity when visiting Corfu. Hop on a boat and explore the wide expanse of the crystal clear sea. You can go diving, snorkeling or just simply sit back on deck and enjoy the view. You can also proceed to nearby Parga and the island of Paxos. Parga is quintessential Greece with its whitewashed houses beautifully decked just over the water. Paxos is a lot smaller but it offers a fantastic view of its terraced vineyards. Enjoy a glass of local wine while you enjoy the picturesque scenery around the island.


You can also proceed to the charming island of Kassiopi and enjoy its spirited vibe. Walk around its medieval center and enjoy the old-world atmosphere. You can also stop by one of its many lively pubs for a drink or browse around its many boutiques for a bit of shopping and souvenir hunting.

Believe it or not, you can also enjoy a day trip to the nearby country of Albania, particularly the port town of Agii Saranda. It is just a short boat ride away and definitely worth it. First you can explore the historic town and sample the local cuisine before you proceed to the ancient site of Butrint where various civilizations of the past are well represented in many of its ruins.

Blue Eye, Corfu cave

If you still have time to spare, visit the famed geological phenomenon near Musina. This body of water is called the Blue Eye due to its dark blue nucleus and lighter blue sides. It is a mystical and breathtaking sight that is a definite must see when you are visiting around the area.

Love to lounge by the beach but also interested in history and archaeological finds? You are in for plenty of fun in the Greek island of Corfu. Its beaches are without question exquisite, but for those looking for diversity there are also other interesting attractions waiting to be explored within Corfu vicinity.

Corfu town

Corfu Town or Kerkyra for the locals is not just a place to crash and sleep but it is also an attraction in itself. It is rich in history and impressive architecture, which make it one of the must-see destinations on the island.

corfu town in greece

Must-see landmarks in the area include the 16th century stone building of San Giacomo Theater that channels Renaissance architecture in Italy, the ancient Fort opposite the charming Liston Esplanade and St. Spiridons Church and the mummified saint inside. Chilling out is best done in the attractive public square of Spianada where locals and visitors alike congregate to have a good time. But if you are going out at night, Liston is where fun and excitement starts.

Fortress of Corfu provide spectacular view

The Old Fortress is well worth exploring with the stunning panorama of the ocean it affords and the historical structures housed inside its premises. Some of its most interesting attractions include the land and sea towers, the clock tower and the light house where you can take a look at stunning vistas of the island. Corfu’s New Fortress or Neo Frourio is also worth taking a look at. Don’t be fooled by the name, it is a misnomer considering that the structure was completed back in the mid 1600s.

Like any other island in Greece, Corfu boasts several ancient ruins that are still pretty much impressive even in their dilapidated state. If you want to see what a public square looked like in ancient times check out what was once an agora in the Ancient Site of Palaiopolis. You will also find the Temple of Kardakios and the public Roman Baths in the area. Check out the museum for a closer look at the valuable artifacts discovered on site.

Other ancient sites that you may find interesting include the Grave Monument of Menekratis and one of the oldest known inscriptions in Greece found therein, the ruins of the Roman Baths in Acharavi and the beautifully preserved 6th century Doric style Temple of Artemis Gorgous.

Considering the rich historical heritage of Corfu, there are several notable museums worth checking out if you are interested in taking a closer look at its history. The Archaeological Museum should be on top of the list for ancient Greece enthusiasts. It holds some of the most significant relics of the islands ancient past. If you are more interested with religious icons and art, the Byzantine Museum in the church of Panagia Antivouniotissa is worth checking out. Other interesting museums in the area include the Historical Folklore Museum, the Municipal Art Gallery and the Museum of Asian Art among others.

Of course, your Corfu holiday will not be complete without spending a few days at its gorgeous beaches. Whether you are looking for idyllic coves, quiet beaches or lively beachfront, the options are limitless. It is best to drive around the island and explore the area. Soon enough you will find the beach location that is just perfect for what you are looking for.

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