Ravello will make your vacation a memorable one
Ravello will make your vacation a memorable one
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Are you planning a holiday vacation? It could be with your family, spouse or maybe alone. You might be wondering where exactly to travel to for this vacation. Ravello will make your vacation a memorable one. Ravello is a spectacular…

Ravello is a spectacular tourist destination found along the Amalfi coast. The splendid town is found a hilltop that is 1200 feet above the Mediterranean Sea level. Actually, Ravello is Amalfi Coast hidden treasure. Famous composers, actors, artists and authors regularly visit Ravello for inspiration as well as refuge. Now, this is your turn to explore the beauty of Ravello.

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Why book for a holiday vacation to Ravello?

Ravello as a lot to offer that will make you visit the town regularly. You and your loved ones will be able to enjoy the following while on vacation here in Ravello:

a) Spectacular restaurants/hotel environment as well as yummy meals.
There is a wide variety of foods that you and your loved ones will be able to benefit from while on vacation in Ravello town. These foods include Chicken, seafood, eggs, dessert and many other delicious dishes to select from. If you are going to take a dessert as your dinner meal, try the Lemon cake, which is a local specialty. Then, top it up with limoncello, which is a local liqueur prepared from the lemon. In fact, the liqueur has become very popular internationally.

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You will not have fully discovered the beauty of Ravello if you haven’t tasted the Cuisine. In Ravello are located some of the best restaurants in the region. Some of these restaurants are, Rossellini’s, Belmond Hotel Caruso, Il Flauto di Pan Restaurant, Villa Maria’s Restaurant, Hotel Villa Fraulo, Hotel Palumbo, Hotel Rufolo, Hotel Graal, BW Hotel Marmorata and Villa Amore’s Restaurant.

b) (Nonna Orsola Culinary Art School)
If you want to learn more about cooking then, visit this art school and advance your cooking experience. You will get the opportunity to learn from some of the experienced chefs as well as gastronomic experts.

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c) Short walks for exercise
You are able to enjoy beneficial walks while on vacation in Ravello. Some of the important walks that you can make are:
• Three hours Walk from Villa Cimbrone to Villa Rufolo and Back
• Two hours walk from Piazza Fontana Moresca to Duomo and Back
• Less than one hour walk through the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium.

d)See most spectacular viewing points:
• Belvedere Princess of Piedmont.
• Villa Cimbrone’s Terrace of Infinity.
• The terraces of Villa Rufolo.

Belvedere Princess of Piedmont
Belvedere Princess of Piedmont is small grassy garden shaded with beautiful trees and planted with seasonal flowers. This is a very popular spot for weddings in Ravello since the city hall is just a short stroll away. There are some very well placed benches where you can sit and relax while enjoying the view.

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Villa Cimbrone’s Terrace of Infinity
Before becoming a hotel and a site for weddings, conventions, and other events, the grounds were passed down from one influential family to another since the 11th century. It became apart of a nearby monastery around the 17th century and eventually fell into disrepair. In 1904, a British baron named Ernest William Beckett fell in love with the villa and purchased it with plans to renovate the grounds. With the help from Ravello architect Nicola Mansi and a French botanist, Beckett added the Villa’s garden, small temples, gazebos, and bronze and stone statues. The Villa has attracted many famous admirers, including E.M. Forster, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, and Winston Churchill. Hollywood actress Greta Garbo and conductor Leopold Stokowski had a famous romantic getaway on its grounds in 1938. A stroll through the estate will reveal poetic inscriptions found on plaques and numerous replicas of Roman busts. One attraction is a statue of Mercury, the Roman messenger god, who invites visitors to a few moments of introspection. Another sight to see is the Terrace of Infinity, a serene location that sits high above a sheer cliff facing the ocean.

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The terraces of Villa Rufolo
The 13th-century, Moorish-style Villa Rufolo offers far-reaching views from its terraced gardens. It is situated in Ravello’s main square and is a ten-minute walk from Villa Combrone. The Villa Rufolo is comprised of a main building that adjoins a chapel with a reception hall and an entrance tower. The tower, known as the Torre Maggiore, is 30 metres high and was once used to spot pirate ships arriving to the Amalfi coast. The estate overlooks the Bay of Salerno and its upper terrace gardens contain cypress trees, cycads, yuccas and palms.

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e) Have your dream wedding in Ravello.
Ravello is a great wedding site. Actually, the town has become a wedding destination for Hollywood celebrities as well as rock/pop stars. Ravello guest book will confirm this.

f) Enjoy great music
There are talented music artists in Ravello, who will entertain you. So if you love dancing, don’t worry because in Ravello you will get a lifetime entertainment.

The Cathedral (Duomo) is Ravello’s cathedral, which is located in the town’s main square. Founded in 1086, the entrance of the Arabic-inspired church features two bronze doors that picture the 54 scenes of Christ’s life. These bronze doors are one pair of only two dozen in Italy. Inside, the cathedral’s interior is made of sculpted white marble. Visitors can climb behind the altar to get a look of vials that contains St. Pantaleone’s holy blood or see a fragment of St. Thomas’ finger bone. In the crypt, the cathedral’s two-room museum features a third century sarcophagus, marble slabs decorated with mosaics, and a reliquary bust that holds the skull of Saint Barbara, the patron saint of artillerymen and miners

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What are you waiting for; make that booking to Ravello now and have the great vacation.

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