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Santorini is one of the top Mediterranean destination
Santorini is one of the top Mediterranean destination
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Santorini, a volcanic Isle in the Cyclades series of the Greek Islands, is situated in between Ios and Anafi Islands. The stirring views, gorgeous sunsets from Oia city, the city of Thira, peculiar aubergine (eggplant) and the natural active volcano make Santorini wonderful vacations spot…

Santorini, a volcanic Isle in the Cyclades series of the Greek Islands, is situated in between Ios and Anafi Islands. The stirring views, gorgeous sunsets from Oia city, the city of Thira, peculiar aubergine (eggplant) and the natural active volcano make Santorini wonderful vacations spot for tourism. Some fantastic natural beaches include Perissa (best beach in Santorini), Kamari’s black-pebbled beach, red beach and white beach. This Island peculiarly, is the outcome of duplicating sequence of shield volcano, accompanied by caldera collapse. The inside seacoast around the caldera is an utter cliff of 300 m height, and puts on display various thickness of hardened lava over each other. The flooring then inclines outward and descending towards the exterior perimeter, with smooth and shallow outer beaches. The color of the beaches depends completely on the geological layer to which it is exposed.

If you are planning to have a vacation at Santorini, you will like to know that the touring spell starts from April 1: duration from December to March has colder weather with rain and winds. Below average
weather conditions during December to March forces majority of the guesthouses to remain closed. You will experience torrid conditions during with very rare rainfall between May and September. Thus, the idea time to plant your visit is between April-June and September-October.

The best way to get to Santorini is still by air. You can take off from Athens and get to the island in just 30 minutes. During high season, from May to October, many airlines offer direct flights from various European airports. If you go by sea, the fastest way get to the island is via a high-speed catamaran from Piraeus which takes just over 4 hours.

Transfer from the airport or the new port to the capital town of Fira, also known as Thira, is by bus or taxi if you have not made prior arrangements with your hotel for pick-up. Once you get to the village and if you find it too touristy, you can easily hop on a bus to the other parts of the island. If you arrive via a cruise ship, you are in for a treat because you will be picked up by fishing boats two miles away from the shore and they take you on a dramatic and beautiful ride to the old port. At the port, you can have a choice between the cable car and the docile donkey for an uphill climb to Fira.

At the first sight, you will be attracted towards the variety of beaches available at Santorini. Some most like beaches include: Black Beach, Red Beach, White Beach, Vlychada, Amoudi, Perivolos, Monolithos, Baxedes, Pori, Mesa pigadia and Agios georgios. Besides the natural landscapes and fun at these beaches, there are numerous other attractions that you would love to see. Fira, one of the major cities of Santorini, is crowded with plenty of cruise visitors and holidaymakers and is located in the eminence overlooking the caldera. The holidaymakers will guide you to find some peaceful moment in the museums and churches of the town.One of the other attractions that you might also like is the Ancient Akrotini, which features the most famed Minoan site and the part of Akrotiri’s structure with intact doors and window, courtyards and rooms. For many, Ios is one of the biggest party islands. You can have lots of fun exploring the regional traditions and the past and get involved in the local partying styles.

If you love to view sunsets, don’t forget to visit Oia, where the glorious effect with which the sun submerges into the horizon can amuse you. This village, which is peaceful compared to others, rests on the inclined edge of the caldera and features open setting of the sea. Ancient Thira is a best place where you can get to know the remains of Hellenistic, Byzantine and Roman remnants, which were excavated in 1890s. Also, at the Ancient Thira, you can always take tours of various edifices like temples, houses, agora (market), gymnasium and theater.It’s a blissful experience to visit Kamari Beach with sweeping arching bit of the beach aligned with colorful umbrellas. Also, The explosion of Santorini Volcano around 3600 years from now, created a circular Isle centerand the west seacoast, and created the signature sheer hills and sea-filled caldera. This topography is so beautiful that it is capable of drawing attention of large number of tourists from around the world.

Just a week for having a complete fun might not be enough for most of the tourists: there are numerous fun things to do. It is always recommended to take some excursion packages in order to have a complete exposure over almost all attractions and fun things to so within limited period of time. You can try Santorini’s Private Scenic Tour (Oia and Mt Profitis Ilias Monastery included). For this complete package of around $120, your private guide will take you to the highest point of the Island, where you can click some awesome pictures of the magnificent landscapes and the natural beauty of the natural sea. Similarly, Santorini Volcano Private trip (Hot spring Included) costing around $190, you will be brought very closer to the Nea Kameni volcano. An expertise guide will help you to get know awesome tips to ride a boat to the base of the volcano. Then, you will be guided to the top of the volcano featuring pleasing breeze and utter beauty of the view.

You may also try Santorini Shore Excursions, where you can tour the lively volcano of Thira also. Enjoy the scenic views while travelling on the boat to the volcano. Get the extreme out of the incredible setting as you stroll on every side of the crater. The cost of this excursion might be around $130. Some similar types of excursion include Santorini Private tour of Oia and Fira and the Museum Prehistoric Thira, Santirini’s Shore tours to Oia, Fira and the Akrotini Excavation ($159). If you are interested in cooking and wine tasting, go for a ‘Small-Group Cooking Class and Wine Tasting’ tour. It’s a 5-hour tour to get to taste the smooth volcanic wine and also to know how to cook some mouthwatering dishes on the Island. The cost of this tour is as high as $170. Tourists who not interested in cooking but interested in only wine tasting can go for a ‘Wine Tasting and Vineyard’ Tour. The cost is only around $99.

Thus, Santorini, featuring some unique beaches (like red beach) and the active volcano, is capable of luring thousands of tourists from around the globe. It also takes proper care of the complete comfort of tourists by availing large number of outstanding hotels with the pleasant view of red and white beaches. Thus, your visit to Santorini is going to be the best utilization of every penny you are going to spend.

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