Omis is a small and shiny gem of Dalmatia

Omiš, Croatia

Are you looking for a place with extraordinary natural beauties and rich historical heritage? You are in the right place. You are in Omiš. With a location in the Omiš Riviera in Croatia, this pearl of Mediterranean has so much to offer. Amazing activities, many traditional performances and delicious food. All these things are available to you when you come to one of the most beautiful cities in Dalmatia.

The history of Omiš goes back to Stone Age. Some interesting remains were found in the area and they are the real proof of a turbulent history here. The town was surrounded with high walls and the forth was deep inside the mountains so tribes could not get there. Many visible remains are still there, so they serve to the visitors who imagine how the history shaped this beautiful city. In past, Omiš was a dangerous place for ships to pass by, as the city was ruled by Pirates.

Omiš Pirates ruled the Adriatic Sea for more than three centuries until in the year of 1420 the whole of Dalmatia, except Omiš, fell under the rule of the Venetian Republic, the most powerful naval force of those times. Surrounded by the enemy and left completely alone, the Pirates of Omiš managed to defend themselves for 24 years. In 1444, Omiš fell into the hands of Venetia and that year marks the end of piracy on the Adriatic Sea.

Omiš Pirates were extraordinary sailors and shipbuilders, famous for their Sagittas (the Arrow), a special type of ship constructed for fast attack and even faster retrieval into the safety of the mouth of the Cetina River. Due to its position and the bravery of its inhabitants, Omiš was practically impregnable to all invaders. Even the Turks, who conquered all of south-eastern Europe, and were stopped at the gates of Vienna, didn’t manage to defeat Omiš.

If you are in Omiš in the middle of August don’t miss Pirates Nights. This is a manifestation of reconstruction of the battle between local and Venetians that took place in the 13th century.

It involves hundreds of participants dressed as pirates and Venetians in the galleys and Sagitta

Omiš in Croatia

Sightseeing does not end here.

There are many squares and streets that speak the story of cultural heritage in an interesting way. The Renaissance house is still there waiting for newcomers to check why the owner wrote the sentence about praising the Lord for being alive. You can also find out a lot of details about the pirates who lived here. The best event that describes their life is certainly the Pirate battle during the summer months.

Go one step further and you can find yourself swimming in the gorgeous water on some of the Omiš beaches. Pebble and sand beaches are ideal for peaceful relaxation. For those who like an active vacation, many activities are available. Diving is one of them. Go and check the Cetina canyon where you can dive fifteen meters below the water while discovering an amazing diversity of sea life. When you want to change the ambience, take some time for paragliding between the Dinaric mountains. Do not worry about the wind. Some kind of wind is always present here. You can also go free climbing, cycling..

You simply can not get tired here, because the natural beauties are inviting you to discover them. Cetina River, Dalmatian islands and mountain tops are part of the scenery that Omiš offers to all tourists. When you combine nature with the culture, you get an irresistible experience in this part of Croatia. Summer months are reserved for all kind of festivals, so it is no wonder if you hear the music on the streets and even in the churches. That could be the Festival of the Dalmatian “klapas” which keeps musical tradition in the best possible way. We can say that here in Omiš you get everything you need for a perfect holiday.

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